Send SMS's that transform
into a micro webstore!

Let your customers buy with 3 clicks on their phone

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The best way to expand your business without moving

Allow your loyal customers to buy your stuff outside of your store,
they can buy with 3 clicks on their cellphone and just pickup at the store.

Reasons to use this service

Unbeatable price

We know how you strugle for your business, we want to be your loyal partner, and make you make more money and attract more customers, thats why we developed this simple mini webstore, so you can sell even though you have everything else to take care

No hidden fees. Period.

We have a flat, monthly fee! That's it, we don't make a profit by charging you on the sales you make. Our flat rate is so low we are sure you won't feel it on your business pocket. We intend to stay that way because it's the most honest way to make business

Universal Paying platform

We decided to use PayPal since it is universal, respected and doesn't charge you a leg and a foot like some credit companies do, therefore we adopted their platform for you to receive your money and we too.

Innovative aproach to webstores

We thought about this for a long time and experimented in several ways. We found out that SMS are the best way to catch someone's attention so we built text messages that convert to elegant small webstores where you can buy with 3 clicks

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type is correct for me? Orders or payments?

The difference is slight. If you stick to the ORDERS version you will have to charge your customer once he gets to your store to pick up whatever he/she ordered. On the other hand if you choose SELLING you will receive payments for the products you advertise on your paypal account.

What other fees/payments are involved?

We tried our best to keep everything on a tight budget and provide you with a great tool that you cannot refuse based on price. The costs to operate your small webstore are: $199 one time subscription fee (sometimes we provide discounts, vouchers or promocodes to reduce this amount through our agents) then you get 1000 text messages per month to send your customers and if you need to refill your text pool it will cost 1 cent per SMS. PayPal will be used for every transaction on the website as well as for the transactions your customers will make for your goods (in this case their payments will go directly to your PayPal Account).

Can I add all my clients to the database?

Yes, you can. All your customers will receive your SMS messages. There is a button to unscubscribe on each message people receive therefore if people you added want to opt out they will only have to click that button to leave your list.

Can I create whatever menus I want for my customers?

Yes, you can. Create several menus or messages with your products and send those to specific groups. Either men or women, English or Spanish, you can create as many groups as your want to better target your messages.

Have you decided yet? If you start your subscription with orders only, you can easily upgrade your plan. Just email us with your customer number and username and we'll gladly switch your account to the orders and sales plan

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